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Spey Casting  with Single,Switch and Spey rods
For many years the idea of women Spey Casting was only for the daring and the wives of well known Men spey casters. Well we now know that was a bunch of hogwash! Using Spey rods and techniques has opened the doorway for so many fly fishing opportunities that is is mind boggling. Today's technology has assisted in developing these larger rods  into slick ,well groomed and effective fly fishing tools for ALL!.  In the Picture above we see Jen taking Spey lessons on the Englishman River  using a Beulah 5/6 wt.Switch Rod. Matched with the appropriate lines this technique is easy to learn and especially easy on the body. The bonus of course is that we can fish easier and more effectively.
Feel free to contact me about these styles that might just be the answer to your thoughts.



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